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Thread: Installation Wind Deflectors on a 98-01 Mille

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    Installation Wind Deflectors on a 98-01 Mille

    If you have an early mille and would to have the wind deflectors installed, well you can. Itís not that difficult. You just got to have a little bit of faith in yourself as it involves drilling your front cowling

    Hope this guide helps. A downloadable version available at the bottom

    First hole I drilled was the bottom of the two top ones.
    The measurement from the end of the bottom ridge to the hole highlighted below is 1.7cm along. The hole is just on the top of the ridge.

    The top hole was a little trickier to measure. From the top ridge I measured from the bottom line in a straight line 1.3cm then dropped it the mark down 0.5cm. this then gave the centre hole.

    You may find it easy to drill the first hole and bolt it on. Mark up the second and the two bottom holes.

    Made sure this was ok by bolting the ear back on and checking the top mark lines up with the top hole. It did with both top holes done, I bolted them in place. Make sure you bolt them like you have finished as it helps to pull the WD close to the cowling and it be flusher over the ridge.

    The two bottom holes I found easy. The gap between the WD and the cowl at the bottom, where the air would go through measured 1.3cm as its lowest point.
    Under the cowl where it joins the air intake, the WD should line up along the join line. You know what I mean when you look under it. You will notice that the bolt hole at the front underneath does not sit flush. This is because the 99-00 is more rounded than and not as flat as the 01 model. When you bolt this one on it all pulls together to get a good fit so donít worry.

    Just remember you will need to take of the side fairings and the air intake off to be able to bolt the bottom holes up.

    Be long winded, sorry. Hope it helps a little and if you get stuck or donít understand word I just said then let me know!

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