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Thread: smoldering connectors RSV 1000R 2001

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    smoldering connectors RSV 1000R 2001

    I own this bike for a week and loved it till now.
    I had the following problem:
    Trouble to start my RSV 1000R 2001, thought maybe the charging system or bad battery.
    Did let bike sit for a few hours and started right away.
    Rode for about 10km, fuel light went on, few hundred meters later it just died.

    A long walk and pick up of bike later I wanted to take battery out to recharge and noticed a smoldered connector to the part that charges the battery with a consistent current (sorry, whats the name for it?).
    The battery is a Motobat and marked as 2011.
    The bike had a Dynojet fitted and I am not sure how professional that was done, don't even know what exactly it does yet or how to change settings.

    I did get the manual for the RSV and started reading on this Forum.
    There were things like the connecters on Aprilia are a known failure but I just want to make sure I am not chasing the wrong thing.

    If any one could help I be bloody grateful!

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