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Thread: Dipped Beam Wiring Mod (Old & New Switch Types)

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    Quote Originally Posted by B o B View Post
    Well, mine's done! How can you go wrong with such detailed instructions? Took me 20 - 30 minutes total. Many thanks P-Peter. Great mod.
    Me too, absolute doddle of a job

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    Sod it! Only been on the forum 5 mins and found something to modify already,I can feel a soldering moment coming on


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    Ive just done the switch bridge mod and on my 05 model its the black and green/white wire that needs bridging but all done with HID now

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    Taken an hour for both the diode relay mod combined with a 53 Ebay HID H7 kit for the low beam. Still have to locate the ballast and inline transformer which are resting within the fairing, awaiting some velcro purchases to locate them inside the r/h side of the fairing inner (under the r/h mirror). Most of the extra wires ended up inside the headlight recess and a slice in the rubber lamp shrod/plug allowed me to route most of the connectors into the headlamp area. Only snag I've found is that sometimes the bulb won't light up and you need to recycle the ign switch. I an only assume that the batt needs to generate a power spike to a level that 'catches' the bulb before it powers up.
    Thanks to the top tips from you guys.
    I have a Maplins diode as a spare if any one wants it.
    Now just need to wait for it to get dark and properly test ride it.

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    does the diode have to be that big i have in line diodes from fitting trackers to cars but they are on quite thin wire

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    Wink Diode rating

    The diode is only going to have to be able to carry the current absorbed by the coil of the relay, I would guess this to be less than 100mA (most relays are 20mA or so).
    So as long as the diode you intend to use is a signal diode and not a zenner diode, and has a low dropout voltage (0.6 for silicon, or 0.4 for Galium), and can handle several 100mA then it should be OK.
    To make sure you would have to measure the current on the relay coil to see what they draw typically.(put a meter in series in A mode and see how many amps are drawn).
    The only other disadvantage of using a diode with thinner wires is that they will not be as sturdy, mechanically.
    Generally most components are over specified so that they do not run at the extremes of their characteristics, so without more info on the diodes you intend to use I can't help any more than this.
    Pete (simples, 'innit)

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    maplins is only down the road so i popped in today and got 2 diodes 1 for a mate who is bound to want his doing when i do mine not as big as the pics make them look got heatshrink as well all for about 2.50 will do them sat

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    just done the diode mod piece of piss works atreat easy great info now for the rectifier wiring

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    Just done this mod too, I found a bag of 1N4006 diodes in a parts bin at work.

    Hopefully it won't cause any problems, I they're just rated for higher voltages as far as I can tell.

    I'll stick 'em under the seat, ready for all the cheapskates at the next meet. I might even bring a portable soldering iron...but that'll cost you!


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    The headlight mod well worth doing !

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