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Thread: Dash Colour Change

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    Dash Colour Change

    How to Change the LCD Dash Illumination Colour

    Please be warned that if you do this mod you do so at your own risk and there is great potential to destroy your LCD dash in the process.

    You will need to be able to solder well and should not attempt this modification unless you understand basic electrics.

    I changed my LCD dash illumination to blue to match my bike and also because I have pretty poor colour perception and find it hard to see black on an orange background.

    The whole modification takes around an hour or so to complete, including removing the front fairing.

    First of all you will need some LEDís in whatever colour you want the LCD dash to be illuminated in. I used some surface mounted LEDís as they are small have low power consumption and generate no heat at all.

    You can buy them from here - LED Depot I would suggest that if a group of you are doing this modification then buy a 1 metre strip and share it around, it works out very cheap that way.

    You will need two strips of 3 LEDís per strip for each LCD unit. (Thatís four 5cm strips in total)

    You will also need some coloured transparent film; I again used blue to achieve the desired effect. I obtained mine off a guy on EBAY USA as I struggled to find anyone who could supply the colour I wanted in the UK. This is the guy I purchased mine off Paper Street Plastics

    You only need two pieces to cover the back of the LCD units, a sheet 15cm x 15cm would be ample. (This allows some extra just in case it all goes wrong)

    OK, you now have to source some small gauge wire; I used an old telephone cable wire that was lying around. Youíll only need a small amount, the bit I used was around a metre long and I have some left over.

    OK, letís get started on how to modify your dash display colour:

    1. Remove your front fairing so you can see this:

    2. The next step is to remove the dash from the bike. This is done by removing the three 10mm nuts and washers from here.

    3. Donít forget to remove the multi plug before trying to rip the dash out of the mounts:

    4. Carefully extract the dash from the gap between the headstock and the upper dash cover:

    5. Place the dash face down on a clean piece of cloth so you can ensure that no scratching of the face occurs during the next few stages.

    6. Now remove the 8 small screws holding the rear dash cover in place.

    7. Remove the rear dash cover to expose the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

    8. Next step is to remove the PCB from the front cover:

    To remove the PCB unscrew the four small screws here.
    Once undone, remove the screws and carefully lift out the PCB from the dash front cover.

    9. Next job is to remove the LCD display from the PCB:

    This done by carefully sliding a small flat bladed screwdriver under the metal tags thus allowing the LCD display along with the metal case to be slowly extracted from the dash unit.

    Make sure you donít extract it at an angle or you could damage the LCD zebra strip that supplies the power to the LCD.

    Once removed it will look like this (Less the LEDís that I had already fitted)

    10. Now you can add the colour film to the rear of the LCD, cut it slightly larger than the visible LCD so that you can tuck it under the rubber edge mount.

    11. Next step is to build the LEDís:

    Mine arrived like this and had to be cut to size, there is a small symbol on the strip that shows a picture of a pair of scissors, only cut at these points. If you cut elsewhere you will destroy the LED strip and most likely your dash too.

    12. Cut the wire so that you have two lengths per LCD (e.g. You will need 4 for a complete dash) in different colours at least 10cm long.

    You will also need two lengths around 20cm long of different colours.

    The aim here is to connect both negatives of each strip to one negative wire and both positives of each strip to one positive wire.

    13. What you have to do now is mount them in the dash frame like this:

    As you can see from this shot I had mounted mine on some Vero board to lower them in the frame to give a more direct light. In hindsight this is not really a good idea as you want the LEDís to be masked slightly to produce a more even lighting effect.

    Before you peel off the backing on the LED strips to reveal the self adhesive part, clean the surface of the dash to what youíre going to stick the LED strip to.

    Simply push the two wires that will form the negative and positive feeds for the LED strips through the previous backlight bulbs hole.

    14. Before you go soldering the positive and negative feeds in you need to test them and make sure the LEDís light up. This is done by taking the dash over to the bike, plug it in to the connector you removed earlier, switch on the ignition and then simply touch the wires on the power supply surfaces now exposed due to removal of the backlight bulb carriers.

    Make sure you have the light switch set to the on position otherwise it wonít work at all. Once you have it so that it illuminates with the light switch in the on position and powers down when in the off position, then secure in place with solder.

    15. OK thatís all done now all we have to do is rebuild. Do not remove the dash from the bike at this stage as you need to test it still.

    Insert the LCD display back in to the dash unit and make sure that those metal tags you prised apart earlier make a secure connection with the dash frame.

    Once itís back in its location then turn on the ignition and make sure that all the digits etc... work and that the back light works too. If some digits donít work, do not panic, turn the ignition off, remove the LCD unit and simply refit again ensuring that the LCD is pushed in firmly where the zebra connector is.

    Complete the rebuild in reverse order of what you did when you removed the parts and the job is completed.

    This was my finished product:

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    Nicely done!

    Being lazy was just wondering what the effect would be if you would only replace the original lamps with blue t5 led lights, without adding blue film.....

    Cheers, Frans

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    Nice writeup but an not keen on the lighting throw from the vertically mounted x4 white SMD strips.......
    Agree with VRIESFDE am wondering why no one has yet tried or commented on fitting these??

    Any1 tried em!?

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    Ok got ma blue led dash lights through had to mod it slightly to fit the hole in the circuitboard as the the top to metal prongs are a bit long to poke through the hole but once dremeled down got em to fit and powered on ok.
    Ok had a brainwave for the blue plastic film I remembered that that the strong cider (alky territory here) frosty jacks comes in blue plastic bottles so went to the supermarket and held the bottle up too the bright light and sure enough it is a nice transparent blue with a backlight so £3.79 for 3 litre bottle..........currently just opened so if I start talkin let me know HIC... any way here is a research pic of said bottle with backlight through it looks nice and blue to me

    Incase this does not work out I have also purchased this windscreen tint visor plastic in blue to see if it works better or not

    I have the dash outta the bike ready waiting to be modded I possibly may go to the motor factors tomorrow and buy some t509 clear incandescent bulbs instead of the leds as they give better light spread just incase.
    I also may only do 1 side blue and leave the other panel orange as I thing it would make the whole dash lighting thing look pretty funky let you all knopw what happens HIC where did I put that bottle..........

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    Hi there, new to my bike this weekend. My small speed numbers in the speedo don't all show up correctly could this be fixer by removing and refining the LCD display? Thanks

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    Refitting sorry

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    Think,it may be damaged and need replacing

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