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Thread: Coring cans on 04 onwards models

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    Here is a slightly different spin on this. I hated the peashooter appearance of the standard can exhaust opening. I also wanted to have a louder can but didnt want to go to the expense of a fully cored pipe, re-mapping and then having baffle's built.

    I followed the tutorial, regarding protecting the can with tape and used the tools gloves etc.

    I started by only removing the rivets from the exhaust end of the pipe. I tapped out the internals until they protruded about 2 inches from the can and cut off the decorative end as described.

    I then cut along line 'A' with the angle grinder. The end plate with pipe 'B' then slides out of the internals. I then cut off everything to the right hand side of the line, the plate and peashooter. You are then left with a pipe about 7 inches long. With the end plate, peashooter and pipe removed, I tapped the internals back into the can. I drilled a hole through the can and internals from the underneath and used a self tapping screw to ensure the internals did not move inside the can. I put the cans back on the bike to see how loud they were.

    You can see from this picture that with the pipe 'B' removed the exhaust gas does not circulate within the chambers and the can is practically a straight through. It was just a little too loud for me........but sounded great and attracted a little too much attention. With Pipe 'B' in, it was too quiet.
    I then used pipe 'B' to make a baffle. By drilling holes in the pipe it gets progressiveley louder. After much trial and error, the best sound (and this is personal) is from 28 x 10mm holes 'C', 7 in the top, bottom, and sides. I secured the pipe to the internals with a rivet, and painted the inside with matt black exhaust paint.

    Sounds great.

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    I just went the route that Redlight suggests here and am very pleased witht the result. I happen to like the look of the OE cans but couldnt hear if bike was running or not.
    I havent bothered with the 'pipe B' baffle so its more or less straight through.
    I reckon as long as I burble along when in villages etc or when near officers of the law it should be OK.
    Had a ride out yesterday with a dozen or so RSV's who all had aftermarket cans, most everybit as loud but TBH I like the sound of mine now. Many thanks Redlight / Badger for encouraging me down this route.
    Have now got a spare pair of original 2005 cans in pretty good condition if anyone is interested (bought the pair I modded in Ebay last week in case I got overenthusiastic with the angle grinder and cocked the job up).

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    hi mate... recently i bought a complete 04 exhaust system for my 2000 rsv.i applyed the headers and cored the exhaust. and i must say i looooove the sound,only problem is be too loud. the tube inside,i made a cone from 70mm to 63mm. does yours make a lot of noise too? thanks

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    It does but you can get large baffles from the Carbon Can Company, i use them in mine for quiet track days

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    sweet as done this to my 08 rsv factroy and sounds good posted on you tube thanks for the info

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    Just fitted some cored cans to my '04 factory... sounds great but yep they are loud.

    now im worried about failing noise tests at trackdays. Does anyone have any db readings with cored cans? Have any of you passed noise tests at track days or have you had to fit db killers?


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    I also have a set of cored cans (cored with 2.5" pipes).

    Really m8, there is NO WAY that cored cans will pass any noise test. (unless the test requires a lot of noise....).

    You can however use the old internals to make a a baffle. (the old nozzle that is still attached to the internals can serve as a baffle.).

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    Yeah cored cans won't pass noise for tracks that have limits.

    I just bought a 2nd set of stock cans for track days. With a power commander, you can hae your shop set your map back to the stock setting before the track day. Costs me little or nothing for my shop to do.

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    for the baffle, did you use the whole B pipe? or did you shorten it?
    and the little plate that the rivet goes through is it a part of the A-line plate?

    i MUST put in the baffles!
    it sounds awful. no bass at all. it sounds as if the can was empty inside

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    i made baffles from these on the right hand side. no holes in them.
    IMO they look better from the back.
    and they sound better. way better. it's still not what i wanted but satisfactory for me.
    i think at that redlight's option it's difficult to gain deep bass sound as the cans are too empty inside.

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    Hi guys, just a heads up on this thread, im jason form PRP/pj engineering who make exhaust parts and supplied badger with the parts to core his exhausts.
    I get a fare few calls mentioning this thread and the price.
    But it was 5 years ago now.!!
    So hence the price has increased.
    If you need the parts have a look on our website, give us a call and mention your a rsv forum member and ill sort you a discount out.
    PJ Engineering - Categories Page - Manufacturers & suppliers of High Temp. Carbon Fibre, Stainless & Titanium Tubes and Performance Motorcycle Exhaust parts in Lincolnshire, UK
    Cheers Jason

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    Hi all, has anyone just tried taking the cat out and leaving everything else as is? I know decatting cars makes a big difference when leaving everything else standard. Cheers Dave 07732298658

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    Thanks for this great advice and guidance, gonna give it a go..........if i can lift the box up that the original cans are in...!!!

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