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Thread: Weight saving on the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC

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    Weight saving on the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC

    Hey guys,

    Thinking I might tap into your knowledge of the RSV4 and see if I can get some ideas for any potential weight saving on the bike. To paint a small picture of what I'm on about we had the bike weighed in after the race, 2 litres in the tank, rider off it and it weighed 190kg. I know the dry weight is meant to be 179kg and bike with optimum fluid levels is probably about 200 - 203kg. Now I have removed headlights, brake lights, fender, indicators, mirrors, side stand, horn and battery (SBK spec). Exhaust is the Akro Evo I (full ti-carbon). The fairings have been replaced with fibreglass race kit which weighs in total at 5kg. We replaced, rearsets, clip-ons but they are about equal weight with the originals. Now we have added the carbon covers on the chassis and swingarm which added no more than 500grams, engine covers, brake protector and lap timer.

    We have a chain and supersprox sprockets coming so that might drop a bit of weight and we are slowly replacing out some of the larger bolts with titanium and targeting the unsprung weight at the moment. The battery we fitted after the weigh in so the difference is about 1.5kg from the standard one. The minimum weight for my class is 165kg so we are looking at stripping a lot of weight (20kg would be optimal). Any suggestions on what to look at?

    So you get a bit more of an understanding on the rules to which we need to stick, the list is as follows:

    The following must be removed:
    a) Head lamp,
    b) Tail lamp,
    c) Reflectors,
    d) Horn,
    e) Traffic indicators,
    f) Mirrors,
    g) Centre and side stands,
    h) Registration plate / bracket and label holder

    The following maybe removed:
    a) Passenger handholds and footrest assemblies,
    b) OEM top rear chain guard,
    c) Polution air injection control systems,
    d) Rear fender
    e) Steering damper

    The following may be added:
    a) Steering damper
    b) Rider height adjuster, providing there is no modification or alteration to the frame or rear suspension control unit,
    c) MA approved lap timing devices,
    d)MA approved fuel metering devices that plug into the original electrical connectors with no modification to the wiring harness. Std OEM ECU must be retained and operative,
    e) Frame protective sliders,
    f) Engine cut lanyard attached to the rider that will cut either the ignition or fuel supply to the engine.

    The following may be replaced with parts not manufactured by the manufacturer of the machine:
    a) Brake pads and brake hoses,
    b) Fairings and stream lining including screen, rear body work and seat section, mudguards, tank covers, air box intake tubes and side covers, providing the replacements are of the same shape and appearance as the original,
    c) Mounting brackets for fairings and screens providing replacements are mounted on the frame at the original mounting points,
    d) Spark plug brand and type, leads and cap,
    e) External gearing and chain, but not chain pitch,
    f) Exhaust system and mounting brackets,
    g) Rear suspension damping units and springs,
    h) Front suspension, springs, damping parts and fork top caps may be replaced or modified, but the external appearance of the forks must not be modified or changed. Lower compression housing may be changed but must not extend any further than 10mm from the fork than the original OEM component,
    i) Clutch springs,
    j) Air filters,
    k) Fasteners for fitting external components where the manufacturer has no specific torque setting, or, it is less than 10nm,
    l) Handlebars and handle bar mounted levers may be replaced. Replacement handlebars must be mounted on original mounting points,
    m) Footrests and foot controls, but the replacements must be mounted at the original mounting points
    n) Wiring loom, plug in fuel injection control units and the manufacturer nominated race kit or MA approved ECU.

    Fire away!


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    I've seen titanium wheel spindles they save quite a bit

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    @redratbike - thanks for that mate, I'll look into that.

    In the meantime I also came across an aftermarket subframe and fairing stay which all up should take another kilo off it, plus may as well pick up some spares

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