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Thread: slight problem with hot starts - help please

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    Question slight problem with hot starts - help please

    hi guys

    i've had my 2000 Mille for just over 1 year now and love it. thanks to the information and guides on here i've done the wiring mods (yellow wires and also the brown connector).

    on the last few rides, however, i have noticed a slight 'pause' on pressing the start button if the engine is hot. it's kept on an optimate and when colds, the engine turns over immediatly the start button is pressed, and then fires up - as you'd expect.

    when the bike is warm though, i get a slight (maybe half a second to a second) pause when i press the start button, after which times, the engine spins up fine and fires fine.

    is this an early sign that my battery is on the way out (voltages seemed fine after the wiring mods about 2 months ago) or could it be the solenoid (i'm not sure if it's that standard one or not)?

    many thanks

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    I would say a delay is more likely to be a failing start solenoid. When the bike is hot the solenoid could will be hotter and therefore higher resistance so more current needed for it to operate. That could be the reason for a pause.

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    I would go with a replacement solenoid first, but also check the charging state of the battery when the bike is at idle and around 4500 rpm (ish)

    Just because its on an Optimate doesn't mean the battery isn't on its way out either.

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    Thanks guys-I'll start with the solenoid first then and also re-check the battery's voltages.

    Many thanks.

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    There's been a few posts like this before and I've heard it mentioned that it can be due to the engine being hot and this is raising compression and the bike struggles to start. The previous replies are well worth checking and there will probably be someone along who know more about this than me.

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