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Thread: Water pump seal replacement

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    Water pump seal replacement

    Hello all,

    Can anyone offer advice please?

    Following a leak on the right hand casing of the bike and trawling through these forums i have come to the conclusion that my water pump seal has gone.
    I have taken my bike to a local mobile mechanic who ordered the new seals then decided he couldn't do it.

    Long story short i have the parts, marginal intelligence and a bag full of standard type tools (nothing Aprilia specific)

    Can i A) Fix this myself with a Haynes manual and an insane amount of luck
    B) Are there any of you local to Portsmouth that can do it if A is not an option and you like cash

    As i said i do not have any "special" tools if they are required please advise

    Appreciate any feedback as my Mille has been of the road for a few weeks now waiting for parts and im climbing the walls


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    Go and ask on might be someone form down your way that can help

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