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Thread: Pillion seat fitment

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    Pillion seat fitment

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the rsv scene and so pleased I now own one.
    What I need to know is that if any can I fit any other style pillion seat to my 2004 rsv1000r factory I.e from any other model rsv.
    Reason being iv searched high and low and I just can't get my hands on one anywhere.


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    I Feel your pain mate I'm looking for a rear cowl

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    Welcome to the forum mate.

    Try ebay, theres been quite a few recently.

    Two types: stock rsv gen2 (and tuono are the same), plus these's also a touring comfort version which is larger and had plastic grab handles.

    I went for the touring type because of the handles (and more butt space lol) this type can be harder to find though.

    I have seen one in the last few days on ebay. Cover is tatty but you can get it re-covered.

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