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Thread: Steel petrol tank for my Mille 02

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    Steel petrol tank for my Mille 02

    Hi All

    could anybody tell me if there is a steel petrol tank available for the aprilia mille 2002 model? Ive got the dreaded ethanol carry on going on and it aint getting any better.

    Also if there isnt, could anybody tell me whether or not there is a compatible one that could be taken from another Aprilia model such as the Tuono as somebody somehere once said that different parts are interchangable between different Aprilia's?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Any gen1 tank will fit

    Tuono 02-05 will fit these are plastic as well

    98-00 mille are metal but have slightly different profile but will fit

    00 rsvr are the same shape as 98-00 but are plastic as well

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