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Thread: Clutch problems

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    Angry Clutch problems

    Hi hope someone can help.

    Have an 01 rsv mille and last night as i went to go home the clutch gave up.

    No fluid in resevoir and i read the slave cylinders can be **** so i checked that and yep was leaking bad. Managed to make it so the leak is just a dribble but now the clutch only pulls about half way in and stops solid and the clutch doesnt work at all.

    I know the clutchs are a pig to bleed but i have goodish pressure and no clutch. Im going to get a new seal or slave cylinder but is there anything else that could be stopping the lever pulling in?

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    You need a new slave cylinder...I had the same thing happen with a KTM twin.

    I replaced mine with an 'improved' KTM genuine part...but one of these
    turns out to be about the same price and appears to be a better design

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    yeah Richie's right.
    replaced mine with this

    now no problem

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