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Thread: Casey Stoner Tops Day 2 Valencia Test Times

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    Casey Stoner Tops Day 2 Valencia Test Times

    The following article comes from Asphalt & Rubber to view the full article please visit

    Australian Casey Stoner topped the time sheets today at Valencia, in MotoGP’s second and last test at the Spanish track for week. Although clearly adapting to the Honda RC212V quickly, Stoner was still unable to touch Jorge Lorenzo’s top testing time from yesterday, with the World Champion being five hundredths of a second faster than the Aussie. While Stoner and Lorenzo were busy dazzling the at the front of the time sheet, the majority everyone’s ...

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    Stoner made the Ducati look lets see what VR can do with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redlight View Post
    Stoner made the Ducati look lets see what VR can do with it.
    Rossi and his crew have tasked Ducati with a big list of things to do on the bike before the feb test. One of which was apparantly a glaringly obvious defect in the design that had been missed until then. Principle though is front end feel which is pretty much what casey had this year.

    JB, Alex Briggs etc will be at the factory in 2nd week of Dec to build the bikes rossi will race (albeit they might get modded some more) and to see how the work on the design has progressed. Don't expect miracle times in Feb though. Partly because they have a huge amount of new stuff to test but also because Ducati have requested Rossi/Hayden concentrate on getting the bike ready and not on times.

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    Where Casey did well on the bike is his ability to ignore the lack of feel and just go for it Hence the win or bin season. Rossi isn't that kind of rider though so will search for a setup that makes him comfortable.

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