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Thread: What was your first Aprilia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffH View Post
    I just liked the look of this 2002 Falco, I did buy it on impulse and lost a bit when selling it this week after only ]
    It's got the fighter kit on ..quite rare that

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    02 Millie ..I want it back

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    Currently on my 4th RSV.
    Had a 2000 RSV, that caught fire about 12 months after rebuilding it out of boxes and modding the fairing and sprayed it myself - very, very dark day!!
    Bought a 03 RSVR (black frame, radials etc) that's now my track bike.
    Swapped my Blade for a 51 RSV, nice bike but totally standard.
    Just bought a 04 RSVR (same as 03 above but in black), love it but it needs a few things doing so that's my next project.
    Some might say I'm spoilt having 3 of them in the garage, but I can't see myself riding anything else ever again. Love them, and never had any reliability issues - I once a 748SP so I know an unreliable bike when I see one!!

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    Black falco shouldn't have bought it bloke selling it was a gimp me a bigger one for buying it ... Lesson one never travel too far to buy one you feel obliged to come away with it.
    tidied it sold it for nearly as much as I'd bought it for but I was honest about it. Bought a bronze /black one still have it and added some bits to it did 20000 yes twenty thousand miles commuting in a year never missed a beat including when I fell off and got side swiped avoided any damage apart from one side panel and one scuffed lever lesson two moto x style boots have more oomph when stoving in the drivers door of a polo to avoid a wipeout.
    Got another black one as a second bike loved it briefly until it was written off lesson 3 ride faster you concentrate more than pootling
    replaced that with a red one which I have acquired most of the street fighter kit for... Geoff H you could have saved me a lot of effort there!so far just swapped the rims and discs must get round to the fairing etc ...
    so all told 4 Falcos various years current two have 30000 miles each the red one needs the fighter belly pan as I have the nose come ears mirrors cans so if there are any generous rich folk who have any of the bits I'm missing and a cheap trams logic style clock set you know where they can find a good home

    i would recommend Aprilia to anyone as a reliable and brilliant bit of kit with great build quality. Any free habana scooters gratefully received too lol

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