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Thread: Southern cross motorcycles

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    Baby Twin
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    Southern cross motorcycles

    Hello All ,
    Has anyone dealt with scm ? Good or bad ?
    Have seen a nice looking Millie for sale by them pics only tho !

    Anyone close willing to have a nosey for me ?


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    Yes I have. They are probably one of the most respected and reputable dealers in the UK.

    BTW I have no vested interest, I live over 200 miles away from them.

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    is it the colin edwards rep? they used to be aprilia dealers ..race aprilias (think they still do) had the most powerful 1060cc converted bike in the uk

    yep all good there

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    Baby Twin
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    Northern Ireland
    Yes it's the Edwards rep

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    North Wales
    Took my 2000 RSV-R there a few years back for servicing a few times and suspension and air box mods .... first class work and very knowledgable, highly recommended but they are a long way for most people to travel unfortunately.

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