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Thread: Leslie Porterfield Named The 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year

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    Leslie Porterfield Named The 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year

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    At 32 years of age, Leslie Porterfield is officially the fastest female motorcyclist in America. During this summer at the International Speed Trials, Porterfield broke the top mark for women with a record pass of 234.197mph on a 2000cc Suzuki Hayabusa. Read more about Poterfield’s other two records after the jump.


    In addition to her 234mph record, Porterfield broke two other records, with a speed of 209mph on a naked Hayabusa, and 192mph pass on a production class CBR1000RR. Porterfield also holds the distinction of beingthe first woman to enter the Bonneville 200 mph Club on a conventional “sit-on” motorcycle.

    Talking about her accomplishments, Porterfiled stated:

    “Setting three land-speed records was something that took a lot of determination and hard work; especially after coming back from my horrific accident last year at the Salt Flats,” said Porterfield. Last year, Leslie was airlifted when she wrecked-out at 110 miles per hour. She suffered seven broken ribs, a punctured lung and was knocked out…I am very fortunate to have a really great crew and friends and family behind me. I truly love motorcycles and the people involved in motorcycling. It is a special honor to get this award and to be acknowledged with so many other great riders.”
    In her non-landspeed breaking time, Porterfield owns High Five Cycles, a successful used motorcycle dealership*located*in downtown Dallas.

    Source: TwoWheelBlog

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