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    Another newbie

    Hi there.

    Just bought back my old 2004 black RSV Factory. I bought this bike new in March 2004, had shed loads of problems and sold her for a 2004 ZX10R, have had 5 x ZX10R's since. Afew of us have just come back from a trip to Brno Czech Republic to watch WSB, on the way back I thought enough inline 4 I need a twin lol

    So in my local dealers my old RSV was sat there and I bought it back with 10k on the clock, hopefully problem free now, as I sold her with 2k on the clock. Anyway I went out and did 300 miles on her yesterday and ohhhhhhhh its sooooooooo good to be back on a twin. I forgot how much fun they are!!!! Iam now officially back in love with V twins and its great!!!!!!

    Te bike on my avatar is a 2007 GSXR 1000. I love this to pieces but a totally different animal. I race this with two different clubs, a lot at Cadwell as Ionly live about an hour away, fully tricked up with 180bhp at the wheel

    Good to be back anyway!!!!

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    Welcome back to the wonderful world of V twin grunt.

    Post up some piccies then!

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    Welcome buddy, I spent many year's on in line four's but my RSV feel's better each time I ride it, i'm loving having a twin. I hope it stay's problem free for you this time around.

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    lees rsv
    Welcome to the zone mate and back on a twin

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