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Thread: Yet another newbie

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    Yet another newbie

    Been lurking on here for a few weeks so thought I had better introduce myself.

    Had my 04 RSV R for about a year and love it to bits. Bike is standard apart from a steering damper, Pazzo levers and Akra pipes and would love to put an Ohlins rear shock on it but can't decide if its just bling for blings sake.

    Would also love to put some black OZ wheels on it but am confused by all the variations in offset? Why cant they stick to one bloody size

    Done a couple of track days on it so far (Cadwell and Donny) and intend to do more next year, as well as a trip to the ring.

    Few niggles with poor running/stalling to start off with but Griff sorted those problems out and she runs perfect now.......except for being engulfed in cloud of oil smoke when I pull up at the lights??

    My only real complaints are the rear brake (what rear brake ??) and the excuse for a side stand. Both of which will be sorted in the near future.

    Couple of pics below.

    Dog Tyred

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    hello Mate, welcome to the zone.


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    Welcome, Dog! bike looks ace

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    Welcome mate - where are you based?

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    wecome to the zone fella ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by A303 View Post
    Welcome mate - where are you based?
    Cheers for the welcome.

    Located in Tamworth (Staffs), about a mile from Griff at Aprilia Performance, which is handy

    Might bump into a few of you there at some time.


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    Mate welcome to the zone, your not too far away from a few of us located in leics and notts so we'll have to meet up for a ride ot in the spring.

    Might get a blast over the winter if the road salt doesn't get spread about to much

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    Welcome to the forum mate.

    Living that close to Griffs gaff would be a nightmare for me, I'd be round there every day buying goodies for the bike.

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