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Thread: Hello folks....

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    Question Hello folks....

    As a new memeber on the forum I thought it polite to say hello.

    I've just recently bought an 03 RSV Mille R. (Satin Black). Its my second Mille. The first one was bought in 03 after my divorce. At the time I hadnt realised how much divorce was going to cost. So, I had the bike for three months then had to take it back to the nice man in the shop. Now that I have the funds I thought I would treat myself. And how glad I am! The torque and the sound (now with Akra Titanium can) is to die for.

    If anyone reads this, I have a question:

    What is the standard gearing for an 03 Mille R? Currently it has a 42t rear. Im away from home with work so have not been able to check the drive sprocket.

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    Hello Aidy,welcome to the zone,

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    Welcome, bet your glad to be back on an rsv.

    Get some pics of the bike up mate.

    I believe standard gearing is 17/42. A lot of people run 16/44.. im running 15/44 which is wheelie good :what:

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