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Thread: About to buy 2005 RSVR - need reassurance!

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    About to buy 2005 RSVR - need reassurance!

    I have been riding a Triumph Sprint 1050 for the last 6 years.
    30k miles later and I deserve a change.

    I'm looking at one of the super low mileage RSVR Factory bikes. About 5k?
    A fantastic amount of bike for the money, but does it make sense? Comments welcome.

    I am 6ft 2" and do a lot of cycling so quite comfortable with the tucked in riding position.
    I do long distance commuting - 100 miles each way in the summer so the bike needs to be quick (no problems there) and comfy.
    I am no mechanic and beyond changing the oil, I just want the thing to work. I reckon as long as I get one which has not been modified or buggered about with, it should be reliable as any other bike? Avoid the jet wash on the electrics, keep it in the garage and it should be ok?
    My riding is really smooth and I don't ride in towns but V twins aren't known for their economy. I get 200 miles+ on every Triumph tank. Above 170 on the RSVR?
    I do some touring so thought to get a Ventura type bag for the back.
    Tyres: I'm concerned the bike might come with sports / track tyres that I will never heat up on the road. Could I need new tyres before I start?
    I thought to avoid the after market exhausts - I'm just too old for that noise.
    I don't want to lose my shirt in depreciation. I should be ok?
    Finally, I'm no where near an Aprilia dealer so would take the bike to my local (reputable) dealer for servicing. Should be ok?

    Is this the bike for me?
    Thanks guys. I appreciate any comments.

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    Hi Redbluegoo.

    Your nearest Aprilia expert is approx 35 miles away !

    I have a modified Gen1 so my comments will only be in general terms
    Tyres - There are some really good commuting based tyres out there that should see 6k+ out of a rear.
    Changing Oil - Is not the same as an IL3/4 and so you just need to be aware of the oil change process
    No need to modify it, my work colleague commutes on a bog standard 2006 model and has no issues at all
    They don't lose too much , no worse no better than other bikes but they are a v-twin so the audience is not as wide as an IL4
    Fuel economy ,I get 140 (ish)miles out of mine , much less when I turn up the loud peddle, I think 170 mpg for a Gen 2 might be pushing it a little.
    Ventura no problem, kits seem readily available

    As for whether its a bike for you....Im biased, so of course it is :-)

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