Hey folks I previously had a Suzuki TL1000R and always said the only thing I would get rid of it for was a RSV. Well that day came April 17th 2013! I am the proud new owner of a 2001 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille and absolutly love it! It was a bit hard to get used to the first day as it is a world apart from the TLR but the more I ride it and get comfortable with it, the more I love it!
I am a hard core rider with 3 street legal bikes and have had no cage in over 3 yrs now! Logging 30k miles a year I sure hope the RSV is up for the challenge it is about to face as it gets rode every day as a commuter, fun ride after work, knee dragger in the mountains, and cross country explorer! Its first major road trip (over 1000 miles) will be in Sept. 2013 When I will log roughly 5k in 2 weeks.
I hope to find some new friends and some good advise while I am online here with you fine folks! Ride safe everybody! -Brandon