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Thread: First time Aprilia and V-twin owner! Need some advice please guys!

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    First time Aprilia and V-twin owner! Need some advice please guys!

    Hello everyone!

    Just got myself a new toy a couple of weeks back and I love it already!

    Its a rsv mille on a 99' plate.

    Been getting my hands dirty and so far given it a full service with the long oil filter! (That was a pain), a new k and n air filter, new rear pads, new castrol racing brake fluid flushed through front and rear, Arrow exhaust can, new plugs, Cut and welded the stand to make the bike not sit upright. Led indicators to the front, New pirelli diablo tyres and thats all I can think of at the moment. Just waiting for the weather to improve and when we starting getting a full weeked of sun my buddy is going to spray the whole bike for me and apply decals.

    Firstly! The stand was awful! I couldn't even park outside my own house, had to use paddock stands. So that needed a little chopping and welding and sits perfect now.

    The rear brake was non exsistant and I thought oh that would just probably be the rear pads, old fluid (grey) and air in the lines, no problem. New pads, new fluid and no air and the brake works lovely on the paddock stands. Get it on the road and its useless again.

    The MAJOR concern for me is the way the bike rides! Now please remember ive only owned a few jap bikes before gsx600, zx9r, fireblade 900 (last of the carbs) so this is my first v-twin and my first fuel injected bike! It has huge amounts of torque which is amazing and the engine braking is brilliant. The issues are... Grumbling not smooth ride until it reaches mid range revs. Any corners into roads or slow roundabouts need to be taken in first gear or the bike feels like its going to stall. I dont think the steering damper works as when I give it a handful of gas I get thrown to the back of the seat and the front end almosts lifts in the air but the steering shakes side to side. I thought the damper would eliminate that

    I hope to hear back from you guys and find out how your bikes ride compared to mine.

    Also ill mention that it had been sat for a few years. I also drained the tank and put new decent fuel in with some redex injector cleaner...

    Just wish it was a bit smoother in the low revs as, as brilliant as it is tearing around most of the time I do like to occasionally rest my forearms!

    Thanks for your time...
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