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Thread: Rsvr new last week

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    Rsvr new last week

    Hi All
    just got my first Aprilia. Last bike was a 1050 speed triple. Had a couple of v twins before. One Harley which was hilarious but didn't have it long and also previously had a Cagiva V raptor which was a hoot. Loving the 2005 rsvr so far. Oddly, even though I have a badly damaged left shoulder blade and partially torn rotator cuff ( high side bike crash), a left wrist which is not so clever ( another much older crash) and a wedged t12 vertabrae (plane crash this time) I find it comfy and fairly spacious. This might well be due to me breaking my body into an odd shape which now fits the Aprilia well but hey, who's complaining. Tried a ducati ( far too small) tried various others and all no good so happy to have this one now. The engine is superb, handling is great and the noise from the arrow pipes is soooo cool.


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    Hi and welcome, i also just changed from speed triple as i just didnt get on with it, but loving the tuono, smiles all round..

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