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Thread: lean off throttle

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    lean off throttle

    I'm a noob to the 1000R and to this forum, but been around bikes a lot. I hope you gearheads won't mind me crashing the party!

    I have an 07 Tuono and plan to put some clip-ons and get er track ready. My question though has more to do with off throttle deceleration. Engine seems to pop a bit and from my carburetor tuning days this means lean (usually through the air jet). Naturally we're dealing with lots of electronics here, so any advice on what system to upgrade to like a power commander or such and mappings that work with my pipes? Note: It's got Arrow slip-ons but otherwise bone stock. Maybe this detail has been posted somewhere else in the forum(?) Thanks!

    Anyway, I love the bike. Pulls hard through the whole range!

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    Could be the bypass wound out too far?
    These bikes should have the throttle bodies balanced to the correct CO value.
    Not sure about the Gen2 but this is the case for Gen1

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