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Thread: R&G Crash Bungs and lowering the seat height

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    R&G Crash Bungs and lowering the seat height

    Hi to all
    Just recently bought a 2008 RSVR factory; the bike has come fitted with Crash bungs; they are that long that they interfere with my feet when trying to change gear and are causing all sorts of nightmares.
    I have tried taking them off but you need to have an extremely small hand or a specialist tool; also if they are removed; do the bolts have to be replaced? I am also quite small on the inside leg and have tried lowering the suspension a little (as per instructions from the book) but the difference is not too much and i am still not completely comfortable with the height; any suggestions (apart from grow bigger legs) would be appreciated.
    Apart from those few points; having come frome R1's and a BMW S1000RR; this is a completely different bike but riding it is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!
    Kev Williams

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    I too have short leg syndrome lol and tbh have given up trying to lower her. But I've been told you can get lowering plates for the rear shock linkage. As for the bungs yes if you take them off you need to put bolts in as they are through your upper rear engine mounts. Ps if you do remove them pm me as I'm after a set.

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