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Thread: Hello All - Yellow Gen 1

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    Hello All - Yellow Gen 1

    Below is my yellow Gen 1 Mille.
    With Evo airbox, scorpion end can, red mist DB screen, Avon Storm 3d X-M tyres, no back brake and dodgy clutch. Luv it, bought in May 2013.


    Previous bikes, ZZR600, Husky TE610, CBR600, Ducati 900ss.

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    watch out those yellow ones are the fastest no matter what anybody else says

    welcome along

    yeah back brake is next to useless...fitted aprilia performance rearsets on mine that relocates the m/c to alleviate the issue of cooked brake fluid...

    whats wrong with the clutch?

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    Cheers, the clutch needs bleeding at the lever (by cracking the banjo) every couple of rides, so its drawing air in at the lever end. I have bought a VTR master cylinder to rebuild and use instead of the brembo one. I have also learnt a trick to save bleeding, which is to lean the bike as far to the right as you can when static, this lets the air back up through the reservoir, looks a bit strange to passers by though.

    Back brake, yes AP ones would be great, I saw a thread on RSV4 ones fitting as well. As I am a cheap skate, I also have been wondering about RS125 footrests as these have the MC mounted on them.

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