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    new to the board

    Hello all, just a quick hello. I have a 2008 Rsvr, silver and red. I've got a few issues, so hope to learn something from you guys (and gals) here.
    A leaking fork seal and starter issues are my only problems really... Oh, and my crotch gets full of fuel after filling up, under hard acceleration. Other than that, i love my rsv. I've always ridden Honda, up until i bought this bike new.

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    FoRk seal well that's over to your mechanic

    Starting issues...make sure that you have a good battery....

    Maybe the filler cap drain holes are blocked?

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    The starter clutch is bad. It's having a hard time fighting the compression, and sounds horrible when it starts. Sometimes the starter will just spin without engaging the flywheel. The battery is strong, but the Bendix drive is junk. I have a new starter on the way, though. Hopefully it will be arriving today or tomorrow.
    The fork seal, it is what it is. That will be getting fixed soon.
    I'll have to see about the fuel tank vent tube.

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