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Thread: Year Identification?

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    Year Identification?

    Hi all. Looking at a beat up, wrecked RSV. SEller does not know the year. Can you be of some assistance?


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    It's 98-00 model with later mesh panels fitted the tank,is def. a 98-99 model see below...probably a 2000 model as it has the gold caliper s and not the red ones from,earlier bikes.

    Here's a 2001- 2002 model


    Here's a 2003 model

    Looks like it needs a full body kit ,all years fit the frame,but you need the right headlight to fit 98-00 nose cone,or 2001 -2003 need to,well as the screens and also the right rear light to suit which seat unit you fit.tanks are,slightly different and as such the seat differ in length.
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