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Thread: My first aprilia rsv mille

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    My first aprilia rsv mille

    hi all,
    I've just joined the forums and thought i'd say hello! I'm Stuart. I have just got my first RSV and Vtwin, i've had lots of inlines in the past and thought i'd move over to the dark side and try a twin so sold my gsxr and brought a rsv. got it last night and just been out for my first run. I must say i am very impressed, handled like a dream and the power coupled with that sound, omg think i'm in love just cant wait for warm weather to come so i can give it a proper run, its cold wet at mo in England. Heres a photo of me and my new wheels for 2014... happy new year all! ride safe! IMG-20140105-WA0000.jpg

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    Beautiful bike, love that paintscheme! Cant wait til spring myself

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    Hi and welcome
    You think it handles now, wait till it warms up these are the best bike I've owned for the twistys. B-road assassin

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    Thanks guys i cant wait for summer now // like an excited child .. just wanna keep going out on it lol. its like i've being trying on all theses bikes over the years and finally found one that fits if ya get me lol

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