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Thread: Another guy from the USA, I sure need some advice!

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    Another guy from the USA, I sure need some advice!

    I am a motorcyclist, lifetime (since I was 12 and am 67 now!). I currently have a KTM 525, set up as an adventure touring bike (6 1/2 gal tank etc), my other bike is a 250hp naked turbo Hayabusa. I've owned over 75 bikes, I know that sounds crazy but it's true. Now here's why I joined this forum.......I have a mega shop (5 brands) in my town that used to be an Aprilia dealer but let it go and now has Ducati's. I visited there the other day and got to talking to the general manager (whom I know from an earlier bike purchase) and learned that THEY STILL HAVE A BRAND NEW 2007 RSV 1000 FACTORY IN THE BACK! It has been in this store for 7 years, I think it's a cool find. So I have been negotiating with the owner and have him convinced to sell it to me for $9100 US dollars! It was originally $19k, they started out with me at $14k and me saying "just cut your losses and let me give you the cash and you won't have it around anymore". Well, he finally agreed saying, "you know we are loosing $4k on this thing". SO, you folks that have Aprilia running through your veins, is this a great find? I've
    never owned a v twin, always wanted to, and love the fact that it is all Ohlins, no traction control nor ABS....just a fun all business bike for warm days in the twisties! Could a few of you folks give me some opinions? Thank you in advance.....

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    wow i'd say you got a bargain there

    i know a few brand new tuono's have turned up in the USA as i have read the posts over on af1 forum

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