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Thread: Greetings from Essex

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    Greetings from Essex

    Hi all,

    Just purchased an 01 RSV Mille R! Loving it already! Even though I've not had really dry weather to test her out. Mivv titanium exhaust and all the normal nice shiny bits on it. Only 12,000 on the clock!

    Look forward to reading the forum.

    Any mods I should look at doing ASAP?

    Got optimal leads on!!!



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    Welcome along

    Modded collector,upgraded eprom,modded airbox,16/44 gearing are the usual mods

    If you want more 57mm throttle bodies,gen2 head swap,1060 or 1103 big bore

    Depends how much you want to spend

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    Good buy! Just got myself a falco last may. 55yrs young now. Fireblade, gxr1100. Have been fun, but this bike is just fun, ! Both my sons just love it on the back, compared to my last two. (I haven't sold them. I still love em!) Guzzis, and dukes, I've had, but this bike is is way,way, for me, fantastic! Get one if you can..not many around now.

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