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Thread: Starting Motor issues

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    Starting Motor issues

    I have a 2003 RSV 1000 R Factory Colins edition
    It was starting and running just fine until the battery was mistakenly connected with reverse polarity from a battery charger.
    Now, it will not turn over. I tried jumping the solenoid to no avail and then bought a new solenoid with no change. I pulled the starter motor and it spins fine with 12 V applied.
    I am able to turn over the engine in 6th gear by turning the rear wheel so the engine is free.
    I replaced a relay that was clicking furiously but the new relay clicks the same.
    All the lights and instruments appear to work fine but when I hit the start button I hear a sound like the engine is locked up and won't turn over.
    I am thinking it might be the ECU. Is there a way to test for that or am I on the wrong track?

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    go and have an ask on AF1 forum or

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    It could b the sprag clutch m8. I had alot of bother wi a falco I used to have an that all stemed from me Fartin about tryin to start the thing wi out a fully charged battery! Ended up all the teeth were spread off the sprag wheel. Hope uv the problem sorted as I c it's a while ago u posted question. Sure let me no. Girvy

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