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Thread: Ciaio from Virginia

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    Ciaio from Virginia

    Greetings all, just picked up a gently used (3200 mi) 2004 RSV Factory last week. Haven't had a chance to ride it because of work and weather, and we're getting slammed with a snow/rain weather event this weekend.

    I've got a thing for Italian twins, having owned a 1993 Ducati Superlight and numerous Guzzis over the years (Eldo LAPD, EV11, Sport 1100, V50, Jackal). This is my first Aprilia, and with me being 56 years old it may prove to be a bit rough on this old body, but I'm going to give it the old college try! Found it advertised on Craig's List in NC, traded some emails with the seller and such, and the rest is history.

    It was a little dusty when I picked it up, but after a few hours, it was nice and shiny again. Man, what a bike, with those OZ forged wheels, Ohlins suspension, numerous CF pieces, and it came with the full Akrapovic racing exhaust. Downloaded the owner's manual from AF1, and increased the red line on the tach to 10K, set the clock, and will reset the trip meters next time I'm out to my storage unit. Ordered a new set of tires thru Cycle Gear, Dunlop Qualifiers, 120/70 front and 190/50 rear, $223 shipped. Also got CF heel guards and upper chain guard, already mounted the heel guards, and will mount the chain guard when I get the rear tire installed. I'll have to invest in a rear stand so I can adjust the chain, but with as few miles as I'll probably ride it, that should be okay. I'll have to get the ECU checked to make sure it has the right map for the exhaust, but I don't really plan on modifying the bike other than what it already has. Just tires, tune and service, and general upkeep from that point on.

    Ordered a license plate frame that will say along the top, "2004 RSV Factory", and along the bottom, "Che Bella!". Also ordered a personal plate that will say "XCUZEE", so they'll be no doubting the Italian roots of this bike, lol!

    One thing that's got me puzzled is that the mufflers aren't level with each other at the back. The right side is lower than the left. It had CF hangers, and they're noticeably different at the back, so I ordered a set of aluminum hangers from AF1, and they helped, but they're still not level. What I ended up doing was using a CF hanger on the left side, and aluminum on the right, and now the mufflers are level. Weird, right?!
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    Welcome along ...nice ride

    Enjoy the snow ...looks like you are getting blasted out there

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