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    New Kiwi member

    Hi all, Just picked up a 2007 Factory last month. It replaces an 05 999s that died an unnatural death unfortunately. Have owned a 2003 tuono racing and 2007 std tuono in the past so not unfamiliar with the Aprilia brand.

    The new bike seems to have all the normal mods like brown connectors repaired with hard wiring, flapper disabled, AF1 link plates.
    Has Leo Vince cans, additional carbon fibre pieces like chain guards and front fairing vee piece. Also has acculighn rear sets and woodcraft sliders.

    Has 53000kms on the clock but has been well maintained with the cam chain tensioners just replaced and valves checked at the same time. Its like brand new under the fairings so testament to how well these bikes age.

    It has had a minor off, so minor that nothing has been replaced or repainted. Worst damage is where the LH pipe has rubbed on the swing arm but no damage to the pipe and you can see some small marks on the bar end and LH fairing but not through the paint. Managed to get it for a really good price and boy does it go well :-)

    The heat off the motor is more than I had on the 999 which is a little surprising!

    Cheers all

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    May as well post a pic

    Not sure about the gold frame though.....


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    Welcome along

    Yeah the gold frame isn't to everyone's taste you have caramac sweets over there? Same sort of colour

    Over on a guy has just had his gold frame paint stripped then bright anodised looks really good

    Also I have seen a polished one which works well.

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