Evening All.

Ive purchased myself a lovely 02 RSVR having decided that my Triumph Sprint ST 955i was a little boring. (5 yrs owned and only the generator failed.)

Now having had to wait a couple of weeks to get the Ohlins shock refurbished I finally managed to go out for a ride, that wasn't a commute to London.

I got as far as the on slip to the local bypass (about 2 miles away) and papapapapapa boom ........ one cylinder...... "F---- Hell what was that...... don't stop here!!!! please" I willed my crying Mille to the next junction where I was safe where she rattled like lentils in a tin and died.

Walked home got the car and trailer and got her home. Cam chain all good, Oil level good, plugs out...... one on the rear pot has a suspicious notch on the bottom of the electrode and the electrode was bent in a little.

A lot of swearing about being done over with a dud bike and wishing i'd stayed with old faithful and I completed a compression test. A nice healthy 175PSI on the front and absolutely naff all on the rear........

My enthusiasm has waned a little, whilst I find time to take the head off and take a gander....... I am thinking of swapping the engine out to save the hassle, but having read that there is a big bore kit available I may swap it out and rebuild the original.

Anyhoo I'm new to the forum and will be searching and posting random rubbish soon enough.

Cheers all