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    Another newbie

    Hi guys,

    Have only ever had jap il4s so far, naked ones at that ( gsr600 and gsr750 ) but on Monday i am picking up a 2004 Rsv mille r factory, bit apprehensive to say the least

    I have read up about all the problems/niggles with these bikes so i am well prepped.

    The guy i am buying it off has been using it for fast road days out and also track days so it has been well ridden.

    The only thing i need to change after taking delivery is the tyres, been looking at the Bridgestone BT016 Pro tyres, are these a good choice or would you guys recommend something different? I wont ever be taking the bike on a track, used solely on the roads in north east UK

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    Welcome along..

    How about some Metzeler 7rr or road pilot 3' or 4's plenty sticky enough and great in the wet ...... Knee down in the rain..check the reports

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