Hi all!

Just bought myself a non-running rsv1000r factory. It has been sitting outside for 6 months so some TLC is required. First, I will try to get the engine running. Then I will give her the full treatment! As this is my first Ape, I am probably going to ask some questions here and there and use the search function extensively.

The dashboard lights up, the starter relay is clicking and only after a full battery charge, the starter motor turns for a few seconds. With a jumpstarter it turns a bit longer, but the bike doesn't start. By spaying some braken fluid in the intake, it runs for a moment, so I have a spark.

My plan is to install a new 14ah battery, check the wiring, clean the fuel system, and try to start it. Maybe I will change the relay for a higher rated one, any suggestions?

If anyone has more ideas/mods/tips/suggestions, great!!