hi, I have a 2004 rsvr factory and had this millie from new. never come across this problem before and wondered if anybody has any idea's. took her out for a run yesterday and after about ten mins the engine just died! it was like the engine was turning over but no spark. as I was running just in the three figure numbers, I whipped in the clutch and cruised into a layby, stopped and saw that the water temperature was about +83c. turned the ignition off, then on again, pressed the start, she turned over but did not fire up!. after about 30mins. trying to tell the breakdown people where I was, in frustration I hit the starter and she fired up! so, set off down the road towards home. after about 5mins. the same thing happened again!.. cruised into a layby stopped and saw the temperature was in the 80+, but this time noticed that the cooling fans were not kicking in! after another couple of starts/stops like this, got her home. today have had a look at the wiring drawings and noted that there is a relay for the fans so, not being sure where the relay is for the fans, (2 on the front left are for the main lights) I swopped these around for the on relay on the right front. started and run her up until the temperature was just into the 90c. stopped there as the fans still did not cut in!.... anybody got any idea's or experienced this situation?
tim bently.