Firstly, sorry all-my first post was just me twisting my face about an issue with my Mille, and I didnt have the decency to even bloody introduce myself-here goes..

Im 37 years young from Geordieland and work in Further Education, and use my bike for the occasional blast between the hedges, and the odd commute (on sunny days of course)!

Im the proud new owner of an Aprillia Mille 02 plate, having had about 10 years-ish intermittent experience (family,life,work causing some gaps inbetween) on mostly 600 supersports-gixxer 6, cbr6rr,Ninja 6 Y plate and even a Hornet 6 on a Y plate.

Although I was a tad apprehensive sticking my arse on an Italian V twin 'superbike' at first, I found that within 10 minutes of riding her from her old owners house that they are bloody superb! Massive torque, lovely sound, and not at all as uncomfortable as the above 600s (apart from the Hornet obviously).

Fair enough, she dont like going slow through traffic but a tiny price to pay in my book from the amount of fun ive had so far on her...fair enough she drinks more then a Russian shotputter on steroids but so what-you know what your getting into when you buy summit like this to have fun on!

....and yes, im ashamed to admit, as soon as I got her home the baffles come straight out!

Ride Safe