Hi All,

Thought I had cured this problem but alas it's back.

Bike rides perfect but for no apparent reason today after riding over a 100 miles of a Sunday blast with my mates the bike cutout leaving me stranded.

This was happening intermittently for a few weeks & after reading a bit about other owners with similar problems I thought it was due to a faulty kill switch, fitted new one & bike ran faultlessly for a few weeks until today.

Before today the bike would eventually start after cutting out, today it started the first time I tried ran for 200 yrds then stopped, tried again & it ran for another 200 yrds then died, it started a couple of times after this but for 1 or 2 secs only. Eventually had to get recovered back to home & annoyingly after being bumped around on the truck it started once back home.

Was thinking about just sticking it in a van & taking it to Aprilia Performance as it needs a service as well, but intermittent faults are a nightmare & could be wasting time & money.

Anyone got any ideas?