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Thread: Newbie after some advice.

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    Newbie after some advice.

    Having just purchased a 2002 rsv in very nice condition i need some help.Picked the bike up saturday with a battery that needed charging as the bike had not been run since the summer,as the guy that owned it said it was to powerful for him.After charging the battery it fired up,tried it later it tried to fire but, then just smelt of fuel,changed the plugs as the old ones looked worn out with gaps you could drive a bus through,bike fired straight away and ran like a dream,tried it this morning same thing again,heavy smell of fuel.I realise it's flooding,but what could be causing it,not sure of the starting procedure,maybe i'm doing something wrong.Any answers to this problem are much appreciated,Many thanks.

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    Ignition on ,choke cold start lever open by 50% ...push starter .

    It should start with no issues not touch the throttle should alter running with the cold start lever for idle to warm up bike.

    If flooded then cold start lever closed full throttle and push start button...when it catches and it will go boom!!!!!! shut back throttle to gain idle then use cold start lever to regulate a slightly high tick over to enable bike to warm up.

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    Thanks for the reply,you've told me where i went wrong,never engaged the cold start lever.thanks for your help.

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