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Thread: Aprilia Dealer Garage

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    Aprilia Dealer Garage

    Hi everybody.

    Hope all are well. New to the forum although a life long lover of Aprilia. I have a problem which some advice would be welcome. I have RSV R Factory which I brought from Wheels in Peterborough. I have had 2 services with them both disasters, wheels bolts not secure sloppy second rate workmanship and awful customer care. Basically I do not trust them what so ever with my money let alone with my baby. Does anyone know of a good garage for a servicing Aprilia near Cambridge
    Thanks Gary

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    All the aprilia dealers and 99% of motorcycle related repairs are mostay cvnts.....

    The one I trust on my bike are aprilia performance, they specialise in aprilia rsv and rsv4. They do services all around the country, they travel and do 4 bikes or so at a time.... Aprilia Performance they are on facetwatbook and have their own widely used message board.

    Good luck

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    Yep 2nd that only people to touch my bike since I have owned it

    Aprilia performance

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