Hey y'all,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Aaron and I have been riding since before I could ride a bicycle. I ride anything with two wheels and a throttle, and lately, gives me problems, so yes I own an Aprilia. I also own a couple KTM's, a Harley, Big Dog, and a Honda. I am retired from the military and own my home, truck and by now you can probably guess I'm not married. My dog is needy enough.
I have done some racing in my time, mostly dessert and dabbled in FMX. When I found out only birds and superman and things man-made meant to fly should fly or they will fall like a bag of rocks, I slowed down, also 30 surgeries later. But my uncle had a little to do with that also, you may know him, his name is Sam?
I do live in Nevada, the Silver state, although it is brown. I can't knock it. 20 minutes in any direction and you get a completely different ride or take in a redwoods, curves, straight dessert, ghost town all in one day, it's an amazing state for riders. Just need to watch your six. I have been rear-end twice in the last year and half, both on bikes. But I have need something to keep my cockiness in check.
So that's me in a nut she'll.
So hey. What's up?