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Thread: Newby Aprilia Help

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    Newby Aprilia Help

    Hi There, I'm new to this and also new to a 2006 Aprila RSVR 1000. My dream bike and a host of possible italian issues.

    Anyway I got caught up in the rain the other day, and the red warning triangle light came on briefly, and then went off. It was going to be frosty the next day so i wrapped the bike up in 2 covers and then got the train to work. The day after i started the bike and then it ran for all of 20 seconds and then cut out. EFI light came on and triangle . Tried to turn over again nothing, all dashboard lights on, alarm still working etc. Checked the Voltage on the Battery it said 11.5v, which i presume is too low.

    The triangle and the EFI light go out when pull in the clutch and depress the ignition but then comes back on again when released.

    I obviously need to sort the battery out but what about the EFI light and triangle ..



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    Fried stator, the gen2 elephant in the room...

    Help please! Charging problems

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    Put a decent fully charged battery in before you do anything else, a flat/ low battery will cause all sorts of unusual effects on these bikes, especially the Gen 2

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