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Thread: new here, searching for a solution for my rearsets

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    new here, searching for a solution for my rearsets

    Hi there, i've got an rsv mille for the track from 02, i like the bike but i just have one small problem.The problem being the cutouts in the tank. I'm 6'5 with a 39 inseam so yea i'm pretty big :p. In a normal riding position with my feet on the pegs not changing gear im fine, it's when i have to change gear my change of foot/leg position make my knee have to come out and avoid the top of the knee cutout on the tank,if you know what i mean? I've found some rearsets but i won't be investing in those untill i have some more opinions on it and if this doesn't work out i'll just take it to my dealer and have a chat. I also found the name Griff or fusebox who had made some nice rearsets where people were happy about and he's supposed to sit arround on this forum :p . Well thanks anyways for reading and have a nice day.


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    Griff/fusebox is the owner of Aprilia performance either drop on his website or their Facebook page
    His forum is

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