Hi everyone

Iíve recently bought a 2003 mille. Itís in a bit of a sorry state, itís been painted black red and yellow and has the dogs b****x stickers all over it!

After reading a lot of you old posts, I started checking and replacing things.
I replaced the stater solenoid and bought the updated wiring kit from Aprilia Performance. I also had the starter overhauled as the live terminal had rusted beyond repair! Needless to say it starts very well now!
I also replaced the side stand with a cbr one as I was very nervous of the original one.
I just replaced the slave cylinder as this was leaking and now Iím looking to do the fun bits...

I really want to do the collector mod, do you know if anyone is still doing them?
If so can you put me in contact with them please?

Then I can get on with getting it painted

Look forward to hearing from you, also if anyone can advise other things I should be checking that would be much appreciated.