I joined a while ago when I was about to be come temporary keeper of my brother's RSV Mille R, and then that didn't happen.

But on Tuesday, assuming my brother doesn't launch it down the road at Brands Hatch, I shall be getting and owning the bike. It's had a lot of owners who have all have used it and maintained it to use and not really much more. This includes my brother. That said, I rode it a month ago and it was very nice.

Currently it has:

  • A nice set of rearsets with re-located brake master cylinder.
  • Uprated battery cables
  • A fair bit of carbon, although not all of it good.
  • A terrible hydrodipped tank (carbon look)
  • A terrible black screen
  • A Miiiv Shorty can
  • A added on gear indicator
  • Converted to take a pillion

I plan on bringing it back to a nice bike with some tasteful mods that will make it nice to ride. I'm going to strip it mostly down, clean it and lube it, put it back to single seat and then fix it up so that I can ride it on the road and on the track.

I'll be doing a lot of searching and probably asking questions where someone will just say "FFS! Look here..."