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Thread: Another Newbie Joins

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    Another Newbie Joins

    Just a quick message to say hi to you all,

    Bored with my jap bikes so decided my next one will be am ape rsv, dunno why, must have matured with age, cos when they first came out, i thought they were hideous,

    Toyed with the idea of a duke, but after a mate had soooo many problems with his, have decided its got to be a rsv, And i want a black one, the yellow ones aint bad, but the ones with red on remind me of the rs50 mopeds the local scrotes run round on.

    Dont mind the blue ones either, but will have to see whats available after crimbo.

    My missus wants me to get a slow bike cos i had a head on collision a few years ago and totalled my shoulder, resulting in it being, pinned, plated and wired back together, only had to have 2 years off work whilst being rebuilt, so she now worries too much, so she thinks a twin is half as powerful as my fours!!!!!!!!!

    Just a quick question trhough, is there any thing in particular i should be keeping an eye for, frame weakpoints, plastic weak spots etc?


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    AMA Pit Boss supertedlover's Avatar
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    Lookie here mate, welcome, lots more info on here just try searching

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    pointer rsv
    welcome to the zone don't think you'll go far wrong with the yellow ones

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    WELCOME to the Zone pal.

    Agree with 'Pointer rsv' Yellow ones are Ace.

    Check out OUR Garages if in any doubt @ them.

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    welcome to the best dam zone.. you can not go wrong with any you choose.dam I have . a 02 and 07.the 02 is a yellow rsvr troy corser all olins and carbon.and the 07 is the platinum silver and lipstick red.check out the pics on my albums.

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    yellow ones are only faster if in the slip-stream of a white one..welcome mate..

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    Welcome beanie, whichever colour you chose they're all fantastic bikes and pretty much bullet proof

    Battery killers due to high starting oomph ( think thats a v-twin thing) so keep it in good condition with an optimate and you should be fine

    Some good info here

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    Hey spocker did you order the exahaust pice ?mmmm donnie

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    Welcome Beanie to the RSVzone ol mate, and into the realm of Aprilia...Colour is nothing, you can always paint a preference go for the mechanically tidiest, do all the homework before ya buy and you will definately have a bike you will fall in love with ... RSVz
    Regards, Aj

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    Welcome to the mad house!!!

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