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Thread: HAGA rep +1

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    HAGA rep +1

    alrite folks, just new on here, thought i'd post a few pictures of my past (haga) and present mille

    hope you like them

    p.s. the exhaust on the white one may be up for a swap, im looking for a normal exhaust not an underseat type one. pm me if your interesed guys. cheers

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    hello matey, welcome - your bikes are luverly, if you're selling the exhaust I'd recommend posting it in the for sale section - you'll get quite a lot of interest for them


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    nice looking bikes mate, welcome!

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    What happened to the HAGA rep

    The RSV looks good in white. welcome to the zone matey

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    Welcome to the mechanical APE House

    Liking the white and black

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    paisley, scotland
    thanks for the welcome guys!!

    SPUD I sold the haga rep last year, went through a tough time and it was either the bike or no food.... after i lost about four stone i decided it was time to eat, so the bike had to go! i still regret it to this day, i bought a hack for a grand so i was still on two wheels! then a few months later i got a wee bit of cash, next i px'd the hack plus said cash for the white and black one!

    the white and black one may not be those colours for long though, ive purchased an 2002 single seat unit and top fairing, going to fibreglass over then smoothe the headlight slot and just daytime MOT the bike, it never get used at night anyway. Then i was thinking of getting her sprayed graphite grey. what do you think guys? will she suit that colour??

    cheers mm

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