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    Smile Nice Site...

    Just want to extend my thanks to the builders and creators of the site. Is there anything more to come besides the fora? Can't wait to hear from you guys.

    As most of you are, I am an Aprilia fanatic and decided in 2003 that the only bikes I would ever seriously get into from that point forward would be Aprilia's. So, in the past, I've had many different kinds including my beloved, one-of-a-kind (as far as I can tell), 2001 Blue RSVR pictured somewhere below.

    The next thing I am going to try and get my hands on is an SXV5.5 because leaning forward all the time makes my neck hurt now.

    Cheers one and all.

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    Welcome Toolbox, I see you have been busy. Nice work.

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    Welcome Toolbox!

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