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Thread: Update on mods to my other Italian stallion

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    Update on mods to my other Italian stallion

    Some pics of my MV and the mods i have done to it thus far, tried to keep the stealth look as much as possible, the wheels look superb in silver so they are staying as they are.

    If ya want more pics just ask


    Arrows RG3
    Mid pipe
    PC111 and custom mapped
    BMC race filter
    Zero Gravity screen
    dark headlight lens protector
    Ottimoto rearsets
    Various bits of carbon fibre
    Smoked rear light cluster
    Smoked indicator lenses on front
    Oberon indicators on rear
    Perforated leather seat from Ade
    STM preload adjusters
    Maxton rear shock with high/medium/low speed compression damping
    Maxton revalved and resprung forks
    Performance 0 degree clip ons
    SBS pads

    Engine is superb now and have it set up better to my liking, still needs a bit of fettling but a lot better than when i got her.

    Anyway some pics of the thing to date

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    They do know how to finish a bike nicely. The little details are what make it special.

    What was the fueling like stock ?
    I've always read they are quite snatchy on/off throttle but never ridden one to find out.

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    lookin awesome badger

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    Spoonz, stock bike was rubbish, it was dangerously lean the bike was far to hard unless on billiard smooth surfaces, the riding position was crippling, so there you have the stock bike.

    Now i have a different animal altogether, fueling is silky from low down, it is now fast as feck, riding position, i can ride it all day now, handling is not 100% i still have a bit of tweaking with oil level in the forks and a couple of other adjustments to make, but i am nearly there with it.

    What amazes me is the attention to detail on everything right down to small fasteners, i can whip the complete fairing off in under five minutes including the nose cone.

    The bike in standard trim is too focused for the road IMO, i have worked away at getting it to what i want and believe me it nearly went on the market a few times.

    Cheers for the comments guys

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